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Welcome to Mint Impex a family-owned business manufacturing garments for over 50 years. We have a rich history of exporting to Europe, America & Russia.

Design & Manufacturing working in harmony

We take your ideas and use our expertise and designs to bring them to life. We merge these designs with our ocean of fabric designs and varieties to make a one-of-a-kind garment. In addition to working with various fabrics, our packaging solutions ship your products with ease.

Working with the best clients and partners

STY# 8441 FAB# E951.JPG

Spring/Summer 2024

Womens Collection

STY# 8494 FAB# E807.JPG

Spring/Summer 2024

Kids Collection

STY# 1880 FAB# E9281.JPG
STY# 1896 FAB# E9595.JPG
FAB# E8524 STY# 1548.JPG



Loungewear Collection

FAB# E8524 STY# 1601.JPG
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